Thursday 18 January 2018

Top 6 Reasons To Get Outside During The Winter

Icy rock formation we saw while on a road trip to claim our first out of province Geocache.
January 2018
Photo Credit: Jessie C

It's Winter here in Canada, a magical time of year to get out and explore. Mother nature hides all sorts of gems across the country under a blanket of snow, including some Geocaches. 2018 is the first year we're attempting to find some winter Caches, follow our blog to keep seeing more winter updates as we find more Geocaches through the Winter months. Getting out of the house can be hard during the winter months, staying indoors where its warm is what many prefer, but for those that love Geocaching here are some reasons to do so in the winter. It's a lot of fun exploring when mother nature lays out a fresh blanket of snow. 

The Winter Views Are Amazing!

I love this location for a Geocache, the natural glow of snow makes the reflection on the ice beautiful. The water on the lake had frozen solid with a small amount of snow that drifted onto its surface. I've got the chance to see this lake back during the Summer months, I find winter has the ability to dramatically change the look of your favourite spots. During the winter months, the lack of humidity provides an opportunity for clear long range views. There was a Geocache hidden perfectly in the tree that rested right beside this lake looking over at an amazing view.

A New View 

You may have a trail that you prefer walking more than others, a favourite trail that holds some of your hidden treasure or favourite Geocaches. Walking those trails again during the winter gives it an entirely new look. I find that trails leading to waterfalls hold the most change during the winter with the mist of the falls freezing certain areas of the trail. Seeing the falls frozen or semi-frozen is always a beautiful sight to see. Even seeing a new trail for the first time is beautiful during the winter months, the snow makes it so magical. My favourite times to walk a trail during the winter is when a new fresh blanket of snow has fallen. When is your favourite time to walk during the winter months? 

Less Crowd In The Trails
I recently walked in a trail the day after a fresh blanket of snow had fallen, I only met up with one other hiker who was leaving the trail as I was entering, it makes for a very peaceful and quiet walk outdoors. Walking trails can be lots of fun when the weather is beautiful, it's when most people want to head out and explore. Geocaching in the winter gives you a chance to walk trails with fewer chances of being seen by Muggles. Geocaching in the winter can be a lot easier in finding certain Geocaches. Often when I arrive at a cache location I can see the previous cachers trail and footprints, it doesn't ruin the game one bit though. Some cachers know this in advance and leave a mess of footprints around the cache to keep things interesting. I would be one of those cachers that leaves a maze of footprints behind in case someone would be following in my footsteps. We never know, right? hehe. 

Double The Workout!

Walking through deep snow can give the body a great workout. Your legs will definitely be doing some double pumping by the time you finished your Geocaching Hunt. Snowshoes are always a great add-on to your winter geocaching fun. It's another great way to get out with the family and have a day filled with fun in the forest. Where I live in Canada we have some events that get other cachers out in snowshoes and skis to hunt for some winter caches that get hidden during the winter months. It keeps the game going, often the older caches freeze over and they lid becomes very difficult to remove. There are many other things to do in the meantime to keep the Geocaching spirit going, try finishing some puzzles or maybe you can work on some swag you want to leave in some Geocaches you will find when the weather warms up again. 

No bugs!!

This one is easy, who doesn't like a bug free hike in the forest? I sure know I love the bug free time of the year. 

New Challenges
Getting a Geocache out from the frozen ground Winter 2018

Winter caching requires a different type of performance than when out summer caching. Often Geocaches can be hidden well in Everygreens, under rocks, under bridges, you name it. The location chosen to hide a Geocache can vary and be very unique depending on the cache owner. Bringing a shovel and other digging tools would be a great idea to bring with you during your Geocaching hunt. Some geocaches get buried pretty far under the white blanket of snow making it difficult to locate the cache, but if you're determined and have the time you can always dig your way to the Cache making the game turn into a real-life treasure hunt during the winter months, it's a lot of fun. 
When the winter comes around often you start seeing a lot of winter friendly caches keeping the game interesting all year round. 

Geocaching in the winter can be a lot of fun, I wish everyone who played this hobby had the chance to try it out at least once. 

-33c/ This was me claiming our very first our of province Geocache for our souvenir. Winter 2018

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog! 😊

* Happy Caching *

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Monday 15 January 2018

Famous Tobacco Container

Hello Cachers!

The Famous tobacco container!

How do you feel about Tobacco Containers being used as Geocaches? They seem to be very popular containers used as Geocaching containers in the area we Geocache. 

When I first started Geocaching I was curious about all the sorts of Geocaches I would encounter along the way. There are many common types of Geocaches out there, and many unique ones that you will only find a few times during your entire travels, however, some cache owners like to keep the game as simple as it can be. I'm always surprised when I find a new type of cache container I have not found in the past. Some cache owners are very creative and others it's more on the simple side of things. Either way, it doesn't matter, the game remains just as fun. We all love finding treasure and earning a smiley.

What are the common cache types you find in your area? Leave us a comment below! 😊

There are literally hundreds or thousands of different things you can use to hide your Geocache in. The creative side is all up to you. You would only need to make sure the container you decide to chose will survive all elements of nature, like rain, snow, wind, etc,  you want to seel everything up in waterproof ziplock too that will help keep everything dry and safe. 

Some containers make better Geocache homes than others but one Geocache container you may come across is the famous plastic Tobacco can cache container. This one seems to be very popular in the area were I Geocache. Many Cache Owners will get a hold of one of these containers, they will clean them out and use them as a cache container. They are regular in size and make great containers that hide very well in the forested areas. These containers are ideal because they have a screw on top cover, and are very easily hangable by rope or wire. 
Many of these containers are covered by a camo tape or paint to make them less visible to muggles. 
As we know does has rules when it comes to hiding Geocaching in Tobacco can type Geocaching containers. The container would need to be rinsed and cleaned out very well to make sure there is not any tobacco residue left inside the container. Once that is done then you're good to go and the container can now be used. I have never hidden a Geocache yet, 2018 goal of the year when it comes to Geocaching. I doubt I would ever use a Tobacco container as when top lid would break eventually with it being open and closed so often, however, I do believe it could be an okay container to use when starting off. 
Just hanging there, Summer tobacco cache container / 2017
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This tobacco container is one that we got the chance to find during the summer of 2017. We decided to hunt for a series of Geocaches hidden along a wooded trail. Most Geocaches during this series were all placed in Tobacco containers and had been hidden during the spring of 2012. They were all dry and taking care of minus they could be re-hidden a little better but other than that they seem to be decent containers to use to hide your treasure in.
Not all were dry and perfect some that we did find were moist an damp, therefore I am unsure about this sorts of the container being used to hide Geocaches in. Where I live winter months are what we see most if the Geocache gets wet and freeze it's no fun to find during the cold months.Many Geocachers in Canada like to try to make their Geocaches winter friendly to help the game go on all year round.

Cemetery Cache Container / Summer 2017
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During a travel to the countryside during the summer months, we stopped for an easy park and grab at a very old cemetery. The cache was hiding very well inside a hole in the tree. Nothing inside the cache was wet or damaged, it was hidden very well in a hole in the tree. 
I don't think this type of container would be a container that I would pick when the time comes in hiding our first Geocache. If you do use this container as a form of home for your Geocache what are your tips for keeping it safe from the weather elements? 

A little tip I was able to get when talking with cache owners that have used this method to hide geocaches is that you want to make sure to tie the string or rope to the base of the tobacco container and not the lid. It happens sometimes that the lid pops off when wear and tear of the container and if you use the lid to tie the string to chances are if that happens you will lose everything inside the container.

What are your thoughts about Cache owners using a Tobacco container as a regular Geocaching container? 
First Tobacco container we find / Summer 2017

Thank you for reading!
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Thursday 4 January 2018

How To Geocaching Your Way To Great Health This Year?

First blog post of 2018, this is an exciting moment for me! It's the beginning of a New Year and with that comes the New Years Resolutions. Many people aim at setting fitness goals in ways in achieving a better health. Not only is Geocaching an amazing hobby to play with friends and family but it's also amazing for your health and a great way of keeping a healthy lifestyle. Nowadays people are running around the city catching Pokemon and hatching eggs, which is a great way to keep the body moving, but how did people stay in shape the old-fashion way and still get to travel around the countryside searching for hidden objects? They played an awesome game called Geocaching. 
Read my other blog post HERE on what exactly Geocaching is all about. 

In this blog post, I want to discuss the benefits of Geocaching for your physical and mental health. We've noticed a difference in our own health since we started Geocaching, getting outdoors and walking, moving the body around is very important for your well being. It's also been a great way for us to keep our children interested in exploring and being outdoors hiking with us. It's  a family hobby we all have fallen in love with. 

How Can You Get Healthy By Geocaching?
Geocaching can be a great way to get outdoors and gradually start enjoying some physical activity. With time you can always go further with how often you go outdoors to hunt for Geocaches. Remeber to take it easy if you're only starting off if you're an expert you probably already understand your bodies limits. You can even throw Geocaching into your daily workout routines to keep everything interesting. If you do want to use Geocaching as a way to get fit and better your lifestyle I'd try and aim to add Geocaching to your schedule at least once a week for a minimum of 2.5 hours. Try working towards your diet when not Geocaching, for example, try adding Fresh fruits and vegetables to your daily diet. Always remember to bring a bottle of water with you when out Geocaching, it's important to keep the body hydrated. 
Staying active is one of the most important things your body needs, it's important for your health and wellness. Ever since we started Geocaching I find walks and hikes in the forest a lot more fun, often I don't pay attention to the distance I am hiking and realize at the end how much I have accomplished which often surprises me. It definitely is a great way to keep the time moving quickly. Walking regularly can have tremendously positive impacts on the overall health and well-being after I got addicted to Geocaching walking trails is almost all I wanted to do. 

Benefits Of Walking With Nature
There are so many benefits from walking outdoor with Nature on top of getting some exercise while out treasure hunting. Whenever you're feeling down or sluggish it's always great to " walk it off ", it's a great stress-releasing method. I'm always happy and smiling when out in the woods this theory definitely is something I can relate to. Taking a walk in nature is associated with a whole host of mental health benefits. It helps decrease depression, improves the well-being and mental health, and lowers stress. Walking is something that is inexpensive along with Geocaching, I find both go great together in helping keep the body healthy and strong for the future. It's a low-risk exercise that almost anyone of any shape and size can do combined with the nature setting it can be very powerful as a stress buster. Most people today live in the city and spend not enough time outside in green, natural spaces than people did when my great grandparents were roaming the world. Geocaching allows you the chance to step away from the city and explore the trails and forest outside of the city. 

Next time you and your family are looking for something fun to do that is going to be rewarding for your health, why not try a little Geocaching in a local trail, explore and have fun while getting some exercise. 

Sunday 31 December 2017

Top 10 Favorite Geocaches We Liked From 2017

Hello, Geocachers!

This year has been an amazing year that is sadly coming to an end. We have seen so many unique and amazing Geocaches throughout the year, and look forward to all the upcoming geocaches waiting to be found.  

We took a look through our pictures and talked it over together. We wanted to create a list of the top 10 Geocaches we liked best during 2017. For those of you who don't know this year has been the year that started the entire Geocaching journey for us. We had no idea what this was before accidentally finding our first Geocache during the summer of 2017.
To read about our first Geocache find click HERE
Since discovering our first Geocaching we have been hooked to the game, we find it's so much fun and a great way to spend the day outdoors. 
We love how easily Geocaching can be played in any part of the world, it doesn't matter where you travel to either, there will always be some Geocaches waiting to be found. Even if its a small walk in a local park or trail, your chances are high in finding a treasure. 
I loved getting my kids ideas and input on which Geocaches they loved most of this year. Leave us a comment or tag us on Instagram letting us know which Geocaches you loved most this year. We would love to hear your stories! 😊

1. The Dream Tunnel
Sometimes you just have to trust your GPS, when we arrived at this location I was hesitant to climb inside this tunnel in hopes to find a Geocache. When I asked my son which Geocache he loved best, the first one he shouted was the dream tunnel cache we had to crawl through it in order to claim a smiley. We hunted for this one in Autumn while taking a family drive to the apple orchard. I had read about this geocache for some time, however, I was way too afraid to try it out. When we were out in the area, I thought we could at least go see it. We got there and my son had no fears and was so eager in going inside the tunnel to find the Geocache. We had the gear we needed in order to climb in. We took our flashlight and peeked inside, the cache was not too far in. Far enough to give you chills if you're afraid of small spaces, which I am. Once the cache was spotted there was no turning back we wanted to add our names to the other courageous tunnel climbers. My son came out of the tunnel with the biggest smile on his face saying it was so much fun and he wanted to go back inside to do it all over again. Geocaching gives you the chance to overcome certain fears.We claimed the Geocache and overcame a fear together. This was a fun experience I was so happy to have gotten the chance to share it with my son. My kids spoke about this one for days.

2. The button in a tree
Just looking at this picture brings a smile to my face. Deep down we all want to be treasure hunters, my son definitely was feeling that during this find when he was the one to spot this Geocache before anyone else. This may seem like a simple Geocache to other cachers, but the story behind this one is worth sharing. We were all walking around looking for the Geocache, no one could find it at all. We spent almost a half hour searching all over the place for it. We then heard a small giggle and a "found it"! My son was laughing at all the adults because each one of us passed in front of this Geocache multiple times without even seeing it. He walked in that area after us and spotted it within seconds. He's a pro at this game! I wonder if we ever would have found this Geocaching without his helpful eyes.

To see the video of this geocache click Here

3. The Magnetic Bolt
This Geocache was found during the summer of 2017, it was such an awesome hide. This Geocache definitely had us feeling like a super spy. We really liked having the chance to find it. It took us two trie's to find this cache, that how well it was hidden. We had gone a first time with zero luck. We could just not find it at all. Plus the area chosen by the cacher owner was in the middle of the main bike path. Very dangerous area for muggles to see you. We had to be very cautious and pay close attention to our surroundings. I had watched a video online and seen one just like this. I returned to this Geocache and was amazed when I saw how the geocache was hidden. This Geocache was perfectly placed behind the cement barrier where the stop sign for the bike trail is. The magnetic bolt rested between both dividers behind the stop sign making it impossible to see. You needed to squeeze your hand behind the pole to reach it and pull it out for the logbook to be accessible. It was such a great hide we loved it a lot! I couldn't belive how a Geocacher can squeeze a tiny log book inside of there! So cool!

To see video of this geocache click HERE

4. Puzzle cache
We had a lot of fun this year solving our first puzzle Geocache. We were always hesitant when coming across a puzzle cache because they seemed so complicated. We decided one day to give it a try to see what they were about. For our first puzzle cache, it was a lot of fun to solve. First, when we arrived at Ground Zero we needed to locate the container that held all the details to solve the puzzle and unlock the larger container holding the logbook and Swag. The smaller container held blocks that spelled out the word Geocaching each letter corresponding to a number that was used to unlock the lock. With a couple attempts, we were able to unlock the container and sign the logbook. We had a lot of fun doing this puzzle cache and can't wait to see the other ones we will find in the new year.  

5.Shoe in tree cache
This Geocache was right in plain sight. We could see it from the side of the road that's how obvious it was. We walked under it several times before realizing it may be the cache. Who would have thought a pair of old steel toe boots would be used as a way to hide a Geocache. It took us some time to figure out what we could use in order to get the Geocache down in its 10 feet hideout spot. Everything we needed was within 6 meters from Ground Zero, we found a long branch that other geocachers had used laying beside a tree that was long enough to reach the boots and knock them down from the tree. The fun part was getting the shoes back up in the tree. With several attempts and lots of laughs, we managed to throw them high enough for them to grab hold to the branch again and rest in its home until another Geocacher comes to find it. My daughter insisted on us adding her favourite stuffed animal in the photo, her my little pony, pinkie pie that comes to on our Geocaching adventures. 

6. Pully In The Tree 
This was a family favourite Geocache, we needed to walk a small hike in the forest to locate this Geocache. It required a little work to release the rope. My kids loved this one a lot because they got to help untie the rope and release the cache from way up high in the tree. Watching the cache slowly lower from the tree was exciting.I love how Geocaching takes you walking down trails and paths that you never would have walked or explored without heading out that way searching for a Geocache. It's a great way to discover the world we live in.

To See The Video Of ThGeocache Click Here 

7. Zipline In The Middle Of Nowhere
Just the name of this cache made the hike very exciting, we all were so excited to get to this one to see what it all was about. We had never found a Geocache that was made as a zipline before. When we arrived at the geocache one of us needed to release the geocache while the others waited at the bottom of the hill for the container to zip through the woods. We were surprised to see a little monkey zipped through the forest as he hung on the weights and delivered the Geocache to us. This was so much fun my kids shouted as we signed the logbook. I love when Geocachers take you to unique places and bring you to different caches that you don't see all the time. It definitely keeps the game fun and very interesting.  

To See The Video To This Geocache Click HERE

8. Magic House Key
These Geocaches are fairly common when solving a puzzle cache, however, we had never seen one like this before and really like being able to solve it. We had seen it appear several times on youtube Geocaching Channels, but we had never found one before. This was our very first magnetic key cache. We had a fun time drawing the pattern with the magnetic cache to solve the combination that helped solve the code that opened the door to the box. We got the chance to add our name to the other Geocachers that found this awesome cache. For a child this almost seems like magic. 

9. The Fake Log
I love the creative side to this Geocache and the work put in it for it to be able to look so real and like there is nothing out of the ordinary hidden the woods. Just a regular log hanging around. We walked up to this geocache and searched the entire area for several minuted without being able to find anything. I was standing on this log watching my children search the area as I looked up in the high branches. The log wiggled making me tumble off of it then  I knew there was something up with this log! I was so shocked when I moved the top part and seen that there was a Geocaching container inside for us to sign and that this log I was standing on was actually, in fact, the Geocache we had been looking for it had been almost thirty minutes. We all laughed afterwards, this was a fun experience. 

10. First Geocache we find of 2017 that started it all
This is one of the most simple Geocaches you will see out there while searching for Geocaches. You're probably wondering why I would post this Geocache on the list of our top10. We started Geocaching in 2017 during the Summer and this is the Geocache that started the entire journey for us. From this Geocache we have been addicted to the game, we love setting out for a Geocache adventure. They always lead to so much fun. This geocache is very special to us as its where everything started. Click HERE if you want to read more about our first find and the story behind this find. We were out enjoying a nice family hike out along the ocean floor when we accidentally found this Geocache while trying to get a better view of a waterfall.On tops of finding a Geocache, this was a Letterbox cache, at the time we had no idea what this game was and how it was played. We have since then returned to this Geocache to log it properly. We are so happy to have learnt about this new game called Geocache and cannot wait to see what the new year of 2018 has in store for us. We look forward to every new adventure that waits for us. 

These are the top 10 Geocaches we liked finding this year. Each Geocache was a lot of fun to find but these were the ones we liked the best. We started the entire Geocaching journey in 2017, this is when it all started for us. We can't wait to see what 2018 has in store for us and to see the new Geocaches we will be able to find. Being able to create this list for other Geocachers out there was a lot of fun. We can't wait to compare with the upcoming finds. Do you have any Geocaches you liked most this year?  Leave a comment below telling us or tag us in your favourite 2017 find on Instagram. You can find us HERE, we would love for reading your stories. 
Thank you so much for reading!

Happy Caching and Happy New year from Everyday.Fun.Day! We hope you find happiness, health and many many geocaches to make the best memories of 2018!

Wednesday 27 December 2017

The Geocaching Lingo- All you need to know!

The Geocaching Lingo - All you need to know!

Ever since I started to write on this blog my main focus has been Geocaching, It's my new favourite hobby I picked up a little over a year ago and fell in love with all aspects of this hobby, game or sport, whatever you want to call it it's awesome! I am so glad to have stumble on this entire another world by accident. Want to read more about how we found our very first Geocache? Click Here! I noticed that on the Geocaching side of things there is an entire vocabulary of words that may be new or strange to those like myself who had never heard of such terms before playing the game. I wanted to make this blog post to break down each of those words and give the meaning to each one. If I do forget any word please leave me a comment below as I am sure depending which part of the world you're in you may have your own version of Geo- Lingo. Feel free to share them with us as the Geo-Lingo is always changing. 😊 

Over the years the Geo-Lingo has developed quite a bit. I'll go over the more common words and term that you will see on your day to day Geocaching adventures. If you play the game for a good length of time the first words you may learn and will say very often are "Muggle" and "FTF", we will talk about those two words during this blog post. I'm going to list the most common ones I have encountered during my Geocaching adventures. 

  • ALR - "additional logging requirement" There may be some extra logging required beyond finding the logbook. These are optional to the Geocacher.

  • Ammo Can - These would be ammunition containers originally used for safe transport and storage of ammunition. These are a popular container for regular large Geocaches. 

  • Bison - These can also be known as a Bison Tube. It's a small, metal, water-tight cylindrical container that can be used for micro caches. There are several different Bison Tubes on the market for cache owners to chose from.

  • Bookmark List - This feature is only available for premium members and is one of my favourites. It allows you to group geocache listings in whatever way you like. I like this because I can save certain Geocaches I want to find a Geocaching adventure or keep a list of all my favourite Geocaches. 

  • Bug - This can also be known as a Travel Bug. A trackable tag with a unique code that can be attached to an item. Once you find a Trackable it can travel with you from cache to cache, you can track its progress on Remember to never keep your Bug it must keep travelling into the hands of another Geocacher.

  • BYOP - Bring your own pencil, This is very useful for the cache owners to communicate with other Geocachers to advise you that you will need to bring your own pencil to sign the cache logbook.

  • Cache - the Shortened version of the word Geocache.

  • Cacher - Knows as a Geocacher. One who participates in Geocaching.

  • Challenge Caches - This is the type of Geocache that requires the Geocacher to meet a geocaching-related qualification or series of tasks before the challenge cache can be logged online.

  • CITO - Cache In Trash Out - Click Here to read our story. 

  • Collectible - This would be a status that is assigned to any trackable item that people can keep in their possession, and do not have to physically move it to another Geocache. 

  • Collection - This would be a list of collectible trackable items that can be seen only by the owner. Trackables in a collection can only be discovered, they cannot be grabbed, dropped or discovered.

  • Coordinates - Latitude and Longitude numbers that pinpoint an exact position on Earth.

  • Dipping - When logging a trackable into a Geocache, and immediately logging it back into one's possession. Miles travelled by the trackable are registered. 

  • DNF - "Did not find" This is used by Geocachers when a Geocache cannot be found.

  • Geocache - A hidden container that usually includes a logbook for Geocachers to sign.

  • D/T - This would stand for the difficulty of the terrain, each geocache is designated on a 5-point scale. Difficulty relates to the mental challenge of finding a Geocache, while terrain describes the physical environment. For example, a D1-T1 would be very easy compared to a D-5 T-5.

  • EarthCache - This is a special place that people can visit to learn about a unique geoscience feature of our Earth.

  • Event Cache - This would be when Geocachers gather together for a Geocaching organization. Check the event page on to find out when the next Event cache is taking place in your area. 

  • Find count - This would be the numbers of Geocaches a player has found.

  • FTF - First to Find, This stands for the first person to log a particular geocache as found. Sometimes cache owners will hide am FTF prizes inside the Geocache container for the FTF Geocacher who finds the Geocache first. The special items do not require an equal trade.

  • Geocacher - One who participates in Geocaching. 

  • Geocaching - A real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Geocachers navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the Geocache hidden at that location.

  • Geocaching HQ - World headquarters of and Groundspeak. The HQ is located in Seattle, Washington, USA.

  • Geocoin - A small minted coin with Track at on one side and a customized impression on the other side. Just like travel bugs these can be tracked on

  • GPS - Global positioning system that determines a person's location on Earth. 
  • GZ - Ground Zero, the point where your GPS device shows that you have reached the Geocache location. At Ground Zero, you are zero feet or zero meters away from your destination.

  • Inventory - This would be a list of non-collectible trackable items that can be seen by other Geocachers.

  • Letterbox - Letterbox is another form of treasure hunting using instead of coordinates. Sometimes, the letterbox owner has made their container both a letterbox and a Geocache and posted its coordinates on If there is a stamp inside a Letterbox Hybrid, it is not an item intended for trade; the stamp is meant in the box so other Geocachers can use it to record their visit. 

  • LN - This stands for Left Nothing. A common term used when a Geocacher leaves nothing in the Geocache and simply signs the logbook. 

  • Locationless Cache - This is a grandfathered Geocache type that considered the opposite of a traditional cache. Geocachers needed to find a hidden container by locating a specific object and log its coordinates. 

  • Log / Logbook- This would be the physical record of every Geocacher that has signed the geocache, this is also the online record of every Geocacher that has interacted with the Geocache. 

  • Lock & Lock - Lock & locks are a type of container that uses four snaps on the lid to create a seal. This is used a lot as a Geocache container. 

  • Micro - This would be the smallest Geocache size.

  • Muggle / Muggled - When a non-Geocacher find a Geocache. When a Geocacher uses this term often it means the Geocache has been dismantled or removed by an unsuspecting non-player.

  • Muggle - Each time I hear this word and say it when I'm out hunting for a Geocache I automatically think of Harry Potter, Does anyone else? Muggles are non-Geocachers, sorta like non-wizards in the Harry Potter world. Someone who is not in on the big secret of all the treasure hidden around them, those are who we like to call Muggles.

  • Multi-Cache - Multi-caches usually involve two or more locations before the final location has been found which usually holds the Geocache container.

  • Mystery Cache - This would be a non-traditional Geocache type that doesn't fit into any other category. Coordinates listed on the cache page are often incorrect, the final coordinates must be solved for through a series of steps or instructions. This is also known as a puzzle cache. Click Here for other Geocaching Types. 

  • Nano - The tiniest of all Micos - The smallest Geocache you will ever be searching for. 

  • Non-collectible - This would be a trackable item that can be easily grabbed, dropped, discovered etc. 

  • Premium members - Geocachers with a paid premium membership. Premium members have more features available to them.

  • Power Trail - This would be a path with a large number of caches placed within close proximity to each other. Helps Geocachers increase the find count. 

  • Puzzle cache - This would be a type of mystery cache involving a puzzle that needs to be solved to determine the final coordinates. The puzzle should be able to be solved with the information provided by the cache owner.

  • STF - Second to find the Geocache. 

  • SL - Signed log.

  • Signal - Signal the frog is the official mascot of Geocaching.
  • Spoiler - This is important, often when you see this word on a Geocache there will be lots of details about the Cache location to come. If you do not want to ruin the Cache hide then stop reading, if you do not care and want to see where the cache is hidden then keep reading. 

  • SWAG - This stands for "Stuff we all get" This would include the trade items left in caches by geocachers. 

  • Travel Bug - This would be a trackable tag that you attach to an item. We recently found a cool one attached to the Car key of a Honda civic it holds a really neat story we will share in a later blog post. This item becomes a hitchhiker that is carried from cache to cache or person to person. You can follow it's progress on, I enjoy reading the story behind the trackable and all the places it's travelled to before reaching my hands. It's always something that really fascinates me. 

  • TB - This stands for Travel bug. It's a tag with a unique code that can be attached to an item. The trackable is then carried from cache to cache in the real world. You can follow your TB's journey on

  • TB Hotel - Travel bug hotel. This geocaches's sole purpose is to act as an exchange point for Travel Bugs. These are normally medium to large size containers. 

  • TFTC - Thanks for the cache, You will see this word often when reading the stories and experience of other Geocachers.

  • TFTH - Thanks for the hide. Can only be written T4TH.

  • TNLN - Took nothing left nothing, This is usually written in the cache logbook by geocachers who do not trade for material in the cache they simply find the cache and sign the logbook.

  • TOTT - This stands for a tool of the trade. Another word used for any of the tools that might be used to search for/ retrieve/ find or log a Geocache. 

  • Virtual Cache - This another one of the grandfathered Geocaches where Geocachers discovered locations rather than a container. The way to log a Virtual depends on the rule of the cache owner. 

  • Waymarking - offers another way to mark unique locations on the planet and gives them a voice. While GPS allows us to pinpoint any location on the planet, mark the location, and share it with others, Waymarking is the toolset for categorizing and adding unique information for that location.

  • Waypoint - This would be a reference point to a physical place on earth. These are defined by a set of coordinates that typically include longitude, latitude and sometimes altitude. Every Geocache listed on is a waypoint.

  • Webcam Cache - These are grandfathered Geocaches using existing web cameras placed by individuals or agencies that monitor various areas such as parks or business complexes. To log this type of Geocache you will need to set yourself in front of the camera.Then use your smartphone or ask a friend to access the camera from the website displaying the camera shot that has you in it. 
  • Wherigo Cache - is a toolset for creating and playing GPS-enabled adventures in the real world. By adding a Wherigo cartridge, with find a cache, the geocaching hunt can be an even richer experience. 

There are so many terms and word in the Geocaching world, these are the ones I see the most while out there searching for treasure. If there is a term not listed here feel free to leave me a comment as Geo lingo always changes. 😊

Thank you so much for reading! 
* Happy Caching *

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